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Sustainable Tourism


We try to make our tours as sustainable as possible. This means we try to minimize our environmental Tree nursery in Bahia, Brazil for trees to be planted on behalf of our travellersinpact as much as possible, while having a positive effect on the local economy.

We choose smaller scale accommodations that are locally owned where possible and chose local transport that applies to environmental standards. This way the money keeps on circulating in the places you visit.

You can help as well. Buy local handicraft and don't bargain too hard for small items from small shops. Refuse plastic wrappings, when possible. Eat in local restaurants, not the big food chains. Try local drinks. Where possible, go walk or hire a bicycle to check out the places you visit. Get some nice items for the folks back home, but don't overdo it on shopping, the world is full of useless stuff. Don't buy plastic stuff.

To help minimize the carbon footprint of your travel, we plant three trees for every visit with 12go. And we do it in areas that suffer deforestation. You can compensate your CO2 emissions with most airlines and we trust you will do this :-)

For those airlines who do not offer CO2 compensation, you can go to Atmosfair, with which we have a partnership.