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Exploring our beautiful Planet Earth is wonderful. Sharing adventures with friends and making new friends,Travelwithfriends-Core-Values makes travel more fun!
That is why we set up 12GoTravelwithFriends.com. We are a network of professional travel enthusiasts who want to give you the time of your life and connect you to other people passionate about travel! Be your own travel company; create your own tour, share your tour with friends and likeminded people and have them join your adventure. The more that join in, the more you save! 

What we want you to leave behind is smiles and your footprints, but at the same time we hope you will travel in a conscious way and leaving the area the way it was. To help minimize the carbon footprint of your travel, we plant three trees for every visit in areas that suffer deforestation. The area we chose is in Bahia – Brazil,
which suffered the biggest drought in living memory.

You can compensate your CO2 emissions with most airlines and we trust you will do this ☺!

For those airlines who do not offer CO2 compensation, you can go to Atmosfair, with which we have a partnership.