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How does it work

It’s simple. We have designed a small number of tours in each destination that you will love! They show you the beauty of our culture, our nature, our people and we try to avoid the modern hassles of life as much as possible. You will connect directly to someone working and living in the destination. You can simply book or create your own tour. But there is more!

Design your own Tour
Try our Design your own tour tool to create your own perfect tour!

Travel with Friends: create your own travel company!
Once you have created that special tour why don't you share it with your friends and invite them to join you? Our experts will help create the tour that fits your wishes perfectly.

We put it online while you start inviting people to join you: email your friends, invite people via facebook and other social media. The more that join, the lower the price for everyone. You could pay as little as half of what you would pay if you would just go with one other person! Soon you will have company to travel your dream destination, while paying a lot less. And it is carefree!: we take care of invoicing, reservations and informing your friends.

You can take a look here to see which tours are already operating, you can also decide to join one.

Safe payment!
Pick or create a tour, book and if you book well ahead you only make a down payment of maximum 200 euro, with the rest due a month prior to arrival, if the travel sum is larger. Your money is kept in trust by the 12GoSafe foundation until the last day of your tour.

Create, Share, Invite

We are waiting for your arrival!
We’ll pick you up from the airport with a smile and off you go discovering or revisiting the beautiful destination of your choice ☺!

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